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House Day

HOUSE DAY 17.5 Inch Plastic Hangers Pink 20 Pack

HOUSE DAY 17.5 Inch Plastic Hangers Pink 20 Pack

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【DURABLE & HEAVY DUTY - SAVING YOUR TIME & ENERGY FOR CHANGING】- It features the epitome of durability. These clothes hangers are engineered to withstand the weight of your coats, jackets, and even heavier garments with ease(up to 10LBS). Say goodbye to flimsy hangers that bend or break under pressure;Our heavy hangers maintain their shape and strength over time, ensuring your clothing stays wrinkle-free. Invest in thick hangers that match the resilience of your lifestyle.

【SPACE-SAVING DESIGN - MAXIMIZE YOUR CLOSET SPACE】- With 0.2inch in thickness of each hanger, their sleek and slender profile is designed to save space up to 60% while providing great support for your garments. Make the most of your closet real estate by switching to hangers that optimize your storage capacity. With their slim design, you'll find that you have more room to accommodate a diverse range of clothing items without compromising on accessibility or aesthetics.

【CLOSET COLOR MAGICIAN - CREATE YOUR OWN STYLE】- Offering a delightful pop of color, these multicolored hangers turn your closet into a harmonious canvas of organization and style. Whether you prefer a coordinated color scheme or a playful mix of hues, our hangers lend a touch of elegance to your closet aesthetics. Transform your closet from a functional necessity into a visual delight that reflects your sense of order and creativity.

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