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House Day

HOUSE DAY 17.5 Inch Black Hook Velvet Hangers 60 Pack

HOUSE DAY 17.5 Inch Black Hook Velvet Hangers 60 Pack

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Versatile Use Adult Hangers Velvet: These white felt hangers are suitable for hanging a variety of clothes, from delicate dresses and blouses to heavy coats and suits. Notches on the shoulders provide a convenient place to hang vests, dresses, skirts, bras and other accessories, keeping everything organized and within easy reach.

Non Slip Hangers: The HOUSE DAY flocked hangers are made from premium velvet material, which is soft to the touch and gentle on your delicate clothes. The velvet material provides a non-slip surface that holds clothes in place, preventing them from falling off the hanger and wrinkling.

Space Saving Hangers for Clothes : Size for each thin Felt hangers : 17.5"Lx 1/4"x 9"H thickness which are slim and lightweight, making them ideal for organizing your closet and maximizing your closet space. Our closet clothes hangers space saving feature a ergonomic curved design that mimics the natural shape of your shoulders, preventing unsightly bumps and wrinkles on your clothes.

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